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The KUMON-Maths Programm

Oct 2020
The KUMON-Maths Programm

We are often asked why a child - especially at pre-school age - should start with the KUMON maths programme. The reasons are many and various

So we ask you back: What is your wish for your child?

We believe that every child has the potential to be successful. At KUMON, students are encouraged to find the solutions themselves by consulting the examples on the task sheets. In this way they learn to think for themselves and develop strong problem-solving skills.

The KUMON mathematics programme takes children in small steps from recognising and writing numbers through basic arithmetic to increasingly complex mathematical concepts such as, finally, differential and integral calculus. Similar to sports or music, we do not limit your child. He can progress as far as he wants in the programme! From worldwide experience we know that children can go far at an early age and then have it very easy later in school. Each level of the maths programme builds on the knowledge developed in the previous level. This enables a solid understanding and develops the ability to apply what has been learned.

Children of pre-school age are thus optimally prepared for school, as they learn to learn at an early age. When they start school, learning is then an independent and natural process and is simply part of it, like the air we breathe. Even school children can still acquire this ability, build self-confidence and regain the joy of learning.

So when will you start with your child?