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The KUMON-Englishprogramm

Oct 2020
The KUMON-Englishprogramm

Did you know that your child can learn English with KUMON from the age of two? Our learning programme is designed for this. After all, it is well known that small children are more receptive to foreign languages than ever before in their lives. They learn a language quite naturally, just like a second mother tongue. And they are curious!

Our audio-visual learning material is designed to meet the learning appetite of small children. During the daily short but intensive contact with the language, they first hear English words and repeat them. They look at colourful pictures and understand what they hear.

Words become sentences that your child can soon repeat, say and understand. The child internalises the sentence structures and develops a feeling for the language. By imitating the native voices on the audio, they also develop excellent pronunciation.

Every day your child can enjoy what he or she can already do and discover new things. Does your child enjoy drawing? If he feels like using a pen, he can learn to read and write with KUMON-English. Similar to sports or music, we do not limit your child. Our learning programme extends to reading demanding original texts. Your child can progress as far in the programme as he or she wishes! From worldwide experience we know that children can go far at an early age and then have it very easy later at school.

Children want to "do it themselves". KUMON also meets this wish. Nobody teaches their child. The head of the learning centre accompanies him or her and provides discreet assistance, but your child learns independently and thus develops concentration skills, an independent learning attitude and the ability to face new challenges. But it is not alone: next to him, in real or virtual space, other children of all ages learn with material that is tailored to their needs.

Why not make an appointment for your child to get to know each other at a learning centre near you? KUMON offers both face-to-face and online learning. A mixed form is also possible.