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Welcome to your new Kumon Nyon center, located opposite the train station! The new Kumon Nyon center is dedicated to math and English courses based on the Kumon learning method.

Founded and constantly improved for over 60 years, the Kumon method was invented in Japan by the famous Toru Kumon. Internationally renowned, Kumon offers mathematics and English courses for young children (from 3 years of age) as well as for older children. The earlier a student enrolls, the easier it will be to overcome the challenges of school and life.

The Kumon method has been conceived and designed to develop students' autonomy, self-confidence and self-learning. As the student progresses through the program adapted to his/her level, he/she will develop his/her capacity for self-learning and will be able to solve increasingly complex exercises completely independently, thanks to the material provided. As a result, students will find it easier and more enjoyable to work and learn on their own. Indeed, we are convinced that by studying at an appropriate level and developing concentration and self-learning, the student is capable of surpassing the expected level. "Self-learning allows children to form their own ideas, rather than simply listening to and learning from an adult."

To do this, students begin by taking a diagnostic test to assess their current level, so they can determine their starting point in the program (regardless of their current school level).

Once enrolled, the student will receive worksheets adapted to his or her own level (developed and continuously improved over many years.) Then, he or she will have the opportunity to study in class 1 or 2 times a week for around 30 minutes per lesson. On the remaining days of the week, he or she will work at home using the exercises and materials received at the Kumon Nyon center.

The Kumon method is based on constant daily work of around 30 minutes per day, so that students can assimilate the material on their own and progress step by step, understanding the links between the different levels.

A detailed analysis of results and progress will be available to parents and students in real time, so that the individual program can be adapted as required.

This course is ideal for students who wish to progress at their own pace, learn a new subject or fill in gaps.

It is also designed for students wishing to strengthen their self-learning skills and self-confidence.

This course is available face-to-face, online and on Kumon Connect (tablets).

About the Instructor

Hello, my name is Antoine Miraglia and I'll be your Kumon instructor in Nyon.

During my studies, I obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and a certificate in accounting. I also worked in a school as an administrative and management assistant, managing enrolments, accounting and other tasks. I also worked as a chaperone for various courses and events organized during the school vacations.

During and after my studies, I had the opportunity to help friends and acquaintances prepare for and pass their exams, which gave me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.
and satisfaction. I've also had the chance to help younger students with their homework and tests.

I discovered Kumon in October 2022 when I took part in courses as an assistant at a Kumon center. I loved the Kumon philosophy and method, which convinced me to join the adventure and continue my training. I'm very happy and enthusiastic about bringing the Kumon Method to Nyon.

Seeing a student's progress and his satisfaction when he succeeds in an exercise he didn't think he could do, is very gratifying to me. Helping others and passing on my knowledge to others gives me enormous satisfaction.

As a Kumon instructor, my role is to develop the student's ability to the full by observing his or her motivations and skills. In this way, together we can develop an attitude conducive to dynamic learning.

Finally, by adapting the program to each student, I accompany him/her during his/her evolution by praising, encouraging and supporting him/her when necessary. I also prepare a series of exercises for each day of the week, based on a study projection that we will have made together at the time of enrolment.


Free parking spaces 50 meters away are available in the "La Combe" shopping center for 1 hour.

Online courses are offered on Monday afternoons from 18:30 to 19:00.

Prices :

60.- unique registration fees (only the first month).

- 1st registration : 195.- per month.
- 2nd registration : 175.- per month.
- 3rd registration or more : 165.- per month.

For further information, please contact the instructor directly on whatsapp or using the form at the bottom of the page. Instructions at the center can be given in French and English.

Class Times

16:00 - 18:15
Non-class day
12:30 - 17:30
15:30 - 17:30
Non-class day
10:00 - 13:00
Non-class day

How long does a class take?

The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is completely down to each individual and the level of the programme they are currently at. Please note, that class times and centre days might vary due to current governmental restrictions.


Registration Fee
Fr. 60 One-off fee
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one off registration fee to register them as a student
Per subject
Fr. 195 Per month

Normally, your child will attend the study centre up to two days per week.

Please ask the instructor, if online classes are currently offered.

Your child will also receive additional sets to work on at home.

Popular Questions

KUMON offers much more than tutoring and differs from traditional teaching in the classroom. Rather than preparing children for a particular test or assessment, KUMON empowers students to learn for themselves, through individualised instruction and carefully developed worksheets.

As well as developing key skills in maths and English, each KUMON student will work towards building their independent learning skills and confidence in their own abilities. This means that a Kumon student will not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others.
Both, and every child in between. This is because of our individualised approach to education, which always asks the question: "What is best for this individual child?" Following a diagnostic test, a study plan is set to develop the ability of the child and to progress them beyond the KUMON International Standard (an international approximation of their school level) regardless of their starting point. KUMON welcomes students with special educational needs, gifted and talented children, and all those who believe they can achieve more and fulfil their potential.
Students can start learning with KUMON from age two upwards. We currently have students as young as two years old studying with us, ranging all the way up to those about to go to university; KUMON helps children of any age and any ability. The sooner children begin, the earlier they can start developing skills to gain the greatest cumulative benefit; as soon as you feel your family is ready to make the commitment to long-term study, KUMON will be ready to help you achieve your goal.
As a global programme, KUMON does not follow a school curriculum, but rather is complementary to curricula across the world. The primary aim of the KUMON Method is to develop independent learning skills. These independent learning skills enhance the students’ performance right across the school curriculum. KUMON operates at exactly the right level for each student – regardless of their age – ensuring that work set extends and develops their skills, confidence and ability.
KUMON is a self-learning programme but each student receives regular support from their Instructor. The carefully developed worksheets teach students how to find the answer for themselves, whilst their Instructor offers guidance when necessary. The key role of each KUMON Instructor is to observe their students working, making sure that work is set at the right level and that they are developing at the right pace.

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